Shared Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

In the twenty first century, many owners of small businesses recognize that if they want their business to get noticed, see an increase in sales and be successful, they need to be able to reach as wide an audience as possible with their advertising material. One the most effective ways of doing this is to set up a web site that will advertise and promote the business on a global scale. On this website, it is possible to display information that best describes the business and what it does. For example, images of products, descriptions of these products, sale prices and business contact details. Prospective clients can then access the web site, (these are known as web browsers) to view or download the information displayed on it.

The actual computer and computer program used to store all the information for a website is called a web server and the action of storing the information for a web site by this computer is called web hosting. Web hosts are companies that provide this kind of service. Web servers can be very costly to maintain, and as such are generally only used by large organizations and companies. Small or newly formed businesses, generally do not have anywhere near the same amount of financial resources available to set up and maintain their own web server as a large multinational company would have. However, one option that is available and that still enables the user to advertise their business on the world wide web, is to share a web server with other individuals or businesses in a similar financial situation. This is called shared hosting.

Here, the web host, provides their service for a number of clients using only one web server. In shared hosting, the physical amount of disk storage space, random access memory (RAM) and central processing unit (CPU) are shared by all the web servers’ users. These are maintained by a system administrator rather than the individual service users. Therefore, the costs of running and maintaining the web server are also shared by all the server users, thus reducing the amount paid by each server user to an affordable amount for a small business.

Shared web hosting works by each website having its own section or place on the web server. Thisis accessed by their own website address or Internet Protocol (IP) address. This means that the computers of prospective clients know which web server to connect to, in order to access a particular businesses website rather than the websites of the other server users. Although, by using shared hosting, each user will not have any maintenance responsibilities for the web server since they are able to edit their own section of the server. This allows users to upload documents and material onto their own individual web page.

By using shared hosting, it is possible to advertise a small business, on a global level, at a cost that is affordable and without the worries, or necessary knowledge, of maintaining a web server system.

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