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The Truth About Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the four types of web hosting services available to date. It is also known as virtual hosting, or shared services. This particular type of web hosting is a service that hosts a myriad of different websites, all on one web server. Although they are placed as such, these websites are still distinctly separated from one another and are each provided with a certain amount of disk storage space as well as a fixed bandwidth. This service is offered at a low monthly price. Since there are complications that can spawn from so many websites all operating off of one web server, it is of utmost importance to choose a host that is reliable.

With that in mind, however, there are common myths and misconceptions surrounding shared hosting. Firstly, it is wrong to assume that a web host that has accumulated a number of bad reviews is a dubious host. The truth is that every web host out there would have, in all of the years that they have been in service, had a few less pleasant reviews. After all, no one is perfect or, in this case, no web host is perfect. There would also be reviews that are unpleasant coming from a former client who has, for example, had an account terminated against his will. Regardless of the termination being legal and valid, the client might not have seen it as such. Thus, having been angered by such disputes, he might go on review sites and badmouth the web host as a means of revenge.

Secondly, a host with countless amounts of good reviews does not necessarily make it a trustworthy and reputable host. Similar to bad reviews, good ones are not always valid. It is an issue that has been investigated and such inquiries have exposed the fact that the business of reviewing is literally a business – review sites offer the top positions to web hosts who offer the best price. Reviews are paid. Web hosts are also known to have asked their clients to write amazing reviews about them to post on web host review sites.

Lastly, the mindset that hosts that do not offer a lot of disk space and bandwidth are not a good value is false; it is a very common misconception. The truth is that the typical disk space and bandwidth offered by shared hosts are usually more than enough. Most websites use less than ten percent of what they are given. It is definitely not a good value to pay for more than what is needed. For example, quality shared hosting can be had for less than $4 per month with on of these BlueHost discount coupons. As long as the web hosts allow upgrades to more disk space and bandwidth (BlueHost does), it should be good enough.

Thus, it is safe to assume that there are many misleading statements when it comes to deciding on a shared host. It is a misconception to think that a host with bad reviews is a bad host and vice-versa. It is also a misconception to think that a host that does not supply its clients with gargantuan amounts of disk space and bandwidth is a bad host.

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