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How to Avoid Common Shared Hosting Complaints

If one is using shared hosting as a small business owner, one may have decided on a marketing campaign that required establishing a web page on the Internet. Next, owners need to do their own research and decide on what level of services they want the shared hosting site to provide and what budget they have to purchase this. However, it can then be incredibly difficult to decide on which shared hosting provider to use from the vast number of providers all apparently offering a similar service for a similar price.

The temptation is to go for the cheapest offer, as one of the main reasons for choosing shared hosting was financial limitations. However, it is always worth remembering, that if an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is. Shared hosting providers are businesses, and their aim is to make a profit. Some of the most common complaints host users make about their shared hosting providers are; hidden prices, unfavorable contract terms and conditions, and unadvertised restrictions.

Hidden prices are a problem in many transactions. Used as a way of attracting new clients, special offers are good ways of making a shared hosting provider stand out from the crowd. However, these tend to be limited to a specific amount of time and are known as an introductory offer. Once this time has expired, customers could suddenly find themselves paying an increased fee that is more than the amount they originally budgeted for.

Some web host providers will use enticing offers that require customers to sign up to a long-term contract, in order to secure their long-term business. The down side is that they are then tied with them for a long time with no option to opt out should a better deal come along. Some providers will also have terms and conditions that mean late payments to their accounts that will result in all the web page content being deleted. Reading the small print could save customers valuable time and money in the end.

Unadvertised restrictions are restrictions placed on the account that customers are not made aware of when they first sign up to a host provider. Because shared hosting relies on many users sharing space on one web server, many providers place restrictions on the amount of emails they can send out or the amount of information they can store on the server. This makes sense, as it is fair to all users. However, some host providers may charge customers a penalty fee if they break these rules or even suspend their accounts. If users were unaware of the restrictions, this can come as quite a nasty shock.

Finally, it is always worth reading the reviews submitted by previous users. Yes, there is always the risk that some of these may be made up to make a provider look exceptionally good or even falsified by a competing provider to steal away business. In general, they give a good overall picture of the quality of service one can expect. Remember, it is the success of the business that is dependent on the quality of one’s shared hosting provider.

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